Kerry Butcher


Kerry has always been a people person, loving life, and loving interacting with people from all walks of life.  Born into a middle-class family of six as the second child and the eldest girl Kerry-Ann learned about responsibility and hard work from an early age.  A hard-working father in the public service who also ran his own automotive business from home and a mother who devoted herself to being the best homemaker and disciplinarian laid the foundations for Kerry’s childhood and education in Brisbane.  She led a very active young life involved in things like Guides, camping, numerous competitive sports, and outdoor activities, always pushing herself to be better and to excel in whatever she did.

Kerry-Ann graduated as a nurse in the early seventies, married and went on to do post graduate studies in Adelaide, South Australia where they lived for six years and where their first child, a daughter was born.

Though not being raised in a ‘religious’ home her mother had insisted on sending all the children to Sunday school, a practise Kerry had faithfully continued eventually meeting her future husband at a church youth activity.  And so, it was in Adelaide where both she and her husband attended Bible College subsequently becoming Youth Pastors in a large and thriving family and community church.

This led to them accepting a position in Cairns, Far North Queensland where they spent several years developing a thriving church incorporating a Bible School and both a primary and secondary college.  This is where Kerry’s love and passion for assisting others with needs and those less fortunate grew and enabled them to spend time in Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Thailand, and New Zealand.

Kerry-Ann became well known for gathering women together from all around Australia and SE Asia teaching and inspiring them.  One of Kerry’s most amusing memories is when she was invited to speak at the first women’s church conference in PNG and after doing a national radio broadcast one morning was contacted to come and personally speak to the prime minister of PNG.  A cavalcade of flag bearing cars turned up to escort her to government house.  Kerry still has the ceremonial spear and artefacts that he presented to her in gratitude for her teachings to his people.

Life did an about turn for the Butcher’s in the mid nineties when they took to the road as a family travelling and speaking around Australia.  This adventure was to last almost 2 years before they finally settled in Geelong, Victoria.  Church planting and nurturing people had become a way of life with all the family involved, the eldest returning home from Uni in Melbourne to help on weekends.

Kerry-Ann further developed her ever increasing skillset by establishing and growing several successful businesses. Due to both her son’s passion for skiing Kerry founded and managed the very effective Youth Development Squads for talented young Victorian Cross-Country Skiers, eliciting sponsors from the business sector.

In the late 2000’s life would take a very dramatic and unexpected turn for her when she found herself alone and to top it off suffered an accidental narcotics overdose whilst in hospital for a routine procedure. 

How long her heart had stopped due to cessation of breathing from a dramatic drop in blood pressure is unknown but basically, she was discovered dead by staff and emergency and ultimately successful resuscitation commenced.  This left Kerry fighting for her life on a ventilator and not expected to live or have any quality of life.

Fast forward to today, after spending two years in hospital relearning basic life skills and negotiating the many curve balls life has thrown her way since, Kerry-Ann has a wealth of knowledge to share to enable people to overcome any obstacle they may face.

Kerry’s passion for life and living is contagious


How To Overcome Any Physical, Mental Or Emotional Obstacles And Discover Purpose And Freedom In Your Life