Did you know that everyone who has made something out of their life has had to learn how obstacles lead to success?



I know a successful author, mentor, coach and speaker who became what she is today because her whole life had been turned upside down, but she learnt how obstacles lead to success.

A totally unexpected hospital accident left her fighting for life on a machine which kept her breathing for a couple of months and in hospital a further two years undergoing rehabilitation.  An acquired brain injury meant her life as she once knew it was no longer possible.  Believing that she was still alive for a purpose she set about learning to overcome these obstacles and in this short article I would like to share with you some of the steps that she took in turning her obstacles into success.

How Obstacles Lead To Success

Firstly, she had to recognize what her obstacles were.

This was a lady who had been successful in business and in life loving to travel the world and help other people but who now could no longer feed or dress herself, speak coherently, or even remember details or past events.   To her the obstacles she faced were obvious, relearning all the life skills she once had and that we all take for granted.  This is a very small part of her journey of how obstacles lead to success.

OK you may not have had an acquired brain injury or experienced physical trauma of any sort but everyone in one way or another has challenges they are facing which prevents them from succeeding in life.

Recognize and identify your own obstacles.  

Maybe you struggle with self-esteem.

Is it with doing physical or even mentally demanding tasks?

Do you struggle with staying positive or even keeping yourself emotionally stable?

Maybe it’s keeping your weight under control.

Perhaps one of your biggest obstacles is in financial areas and you find yourself constantly worrying how to make ends meet because you always have too much month left at the end of the money.

Once you have clearly identified your obstacles set your focus on your first step.  Believe in yourself and form a clear picture in your mind of where you want to see yourself.  This lady lives by the words of Napoleon Hill ‘whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve’.


Visualize your success

Get a clear picture in your mind of what it is you wish to achieve.  If it’s for walking or some physical challenge you may have, then do as this lady did.  Prior to her accident she had regularly played competition golf all around the state.  Every night as she went to sleep, she pictured herself playing the golf course.  She visualized every stroke she took from the 1st tee off to the last putt on the 18th hole of the golf course.   If your goal is for weight loss, then write down the weight you which wish to achieve and the time in which you wish to achieve the loss by.  This is important so that you can break it down into smaller steps.   She knew that to play golf again she had to learn to walk by herself, so that was her first step.  If your goal relates to positivity, then you must clearly see yourself always speaking positively, your mouth will always speak what your mind tells it to.  The Bible says, “As a man thinks in his heart so he speaks.” (Prov 23:7)   Many wise men and philosophers down through the ages all agree, Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (121 – 180 AD) concluded we become what we think about. Yes you CAN learn how obstacles lead to success

She would also stress the importance of reading as many motivational books as you can.  Whilst in rehab she was given a copy of the book ‘The Secret’, with featured Australian author David Schirmer who became one of her good friends and mentor in the last years of his life.

Break your goal into small steps its easier for you to measure your success.

Be prepared for and expect the feelings of frustration and doubt because they certainly will come.

This lady says that whilst she clearly believed she would achieve her goals there were times when she felt very discouraged because progress was so slow.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help no man is an island.  If you haven’t guessed by now this story is part of my journey and I will be the first to tell you how obstacles lead to success.