Living With Purpose Program

Module 1.   Where am I now?

Module 2.   What is holding me back?

Module 3.   Let’s write you a prescription for change

Module 4.   What do I see?

Module 5.   What floats my boat?

Module 6.   Perseverance and persistence

Module 7.   Rewarding myself

Module 8.   Energy Begets Energy!!




Module 1.   Where am I now?

This introductory module is a great place to start an exciting journey together.  We will discover exactly where you are in your life journey now.  This will be our starting point for your new journey.  It doesn’t matter how you got here; this is where you are.  It doesn’t matter what has happened, what’s happened has happened.  We cannot change our past.  Our focus in today’s teaching will be to discover exactly where in your life you are now.   We will look at how you see yourself and how others see you and the impact it has and is having on your life.  We will discover that how we see ourselves is probably how other people see us as well.  Which leads us to a question…. How do we want other people to see us?


Module 2.   What is holding me back?

Have you ever felt you are just treading water?  In today’s lesson I’m going to be helping you to explore and understand the things that might be making you feel like you’re always stuck… I will help you identify the big issues in your way that are restricting you and preventing you from moving forward and making the changes you would like to make?


Module 3.   Let’s write you a prescription for change

If you are sick and you go to the doctor, and he decides you need some medicine he will give you a prescription with instructions what to do with it.  If you want to get better, you do exactly as he says. Today you will get your own personalized prescription with detailed instructions on how you can go about actually implementing some lasting changes in your life.  I want you to feel excited about taking your medicine because I know it will work for you, it’s worked for me and countless other people

Module 4.   What do I see?

Can you see anything?  Is it good or bad or more of the same?  In this exciting teaching today, you will discover what visualization is all about.  It will be important that you email me your homework so that I can work with you and together we can put some plans into progress to start implementing these changes straight away.


Module 5.   What floats my boat?

Today I am going to take you to my special place, and you will probably discover that you may already have one of your own too or if not then I will be helping you to find your very own.   We will delve deeper into the field of visualization, and you will learn techniques that you will be able to use in many other areas of your life, these are skills that you can keep and use forever.


Module 6.   Perseverance and persistence

Ever made a New Year’s resolution only to fail before a week ends?  Why is that?  What happened? This module should be called How to Goal Set Goals and literally achieve them! You will be receiving checklists to print out and I will be teaching you about accountability and why it is so important to you actually living the life you want.


Module 7.   Rewarding myself

Today’s teaching delves into the realms of pain and pressure all the while keeping track of your progress.  You will learn that every set back is a set up for a comeback and how to use these to propel you towards your goals.  You will be anticipating the pleasure of seeing your achievements happening every day.


Module 8.   Energy Begets Energy!!

In this final teaching today, we will review the progress you are making thus far, and I will give you some great tips to ensure that you will be able to continue to live with purpose.  I will also give you the link to my amazing natural healthy energy drink.



How To Overcome Any Physical, Mental Or Emotional Obstacles And Discover Purpose And Freedom In Your Life